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Welcome to my site, I hope you have enjoyed my photographs.

A little about me, I was born in England but now I live in Maine, in a little cottage by the sea , surrounded by happiness with my beautiful children Daisy and Finn, one adorable but very needy dog and a very bossy cat....

We all have beauty around us every day, with our children's little smiles, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a strangers hello, an act of kindness. 

I am able to capture these beautiful moments through photography, so that the memories will not last seconds or minutes, but a lifetime, to share with friends and our children and our grandchildren... These are the moments that hold our hearts.

My passion and love for photography became a reality in 2005 when I began Karen Middleton Photography.

Since then I have devoted my time to taking photographs of  the wonderful love that surrounds the world. I concentrate on mainly weddings, children, and adventures. I would love to be able to capture your beautiful fleeting moments, so that they can live on forever.  

Press the "CONTACT ME" to email, karenmiddleton05@gmail.com or call me at 207-321-1846

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